Increase Sales with Wi-Spot Wireless-Charging Video Displays

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Near the products. Influencing the customer at the point of decision and collecting valuable aisle traffic analytics.
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Video Ads Without Limitations

Truly wireless advertising screens:

  • Client engagement right at the purchase-decision points
  • Easy content management
  • No cords No batteries, maintenance-free
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Advertise Like Never Before

  • Customize your video ads to perfectly fit your product
  • Make any product immediately stand-out
  • Upgrade your creative marketing
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Watch Your Brand Grow

  • Place your promotions at the right place & time
  • Improve perception & awareness to any product or brand
  • Learn from an Insightful smart traffic analytics data
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Smarter In-Store Advertising

Our CES innovation award winning technology offers untethered, sustainable electricity driving fully wireless 5” advertising LCD display solutions.

Powered by a long-range transmitter, your business’ displays can offer new & improved capabilities and elevated UX without the hassle of running wires or replacing batteries. Wi-Spot’s content effectiveness is measured in real-time, using smart engagement near-products traffic analytics dashboard.

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